Salt Agreements

Our service agreement on our water treatment equipment is for softeners, carbon filters, RO systems, UV lights, and Sulfur/Iron filters, Chemical feed pumps. We will quote you an annual agreement price for your system and done we take care of the rest. What it covers: the agreement will cover the cost of 5 service calls, 1 RO filter change, 1 UV bulb replacement per year with an annual cleaning and inspection (Cleaning/Inspection does not count as 1 of your 5 visits). The annual cost will cover a technician, parts, and labor for a 1 year period up to the max visits, with the option to renew. 

Salt Agreements:     Can be added to any water softener weather is ours or not.

This will cover the cost of salt the service call and a technician at the house to perform a quick inspection and test the water. Salt agreements are priced 3 different ways 

1) monthly 2) Bi-Monthly 3) Quarterly   each option will have its own unique standard price quote. 

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